Solaria Announces Partnership With Service Provider Meteocontrol

Solaria Announces Partnership With Service Provider Meteocontrol

Solar manufacturer Solaria and solar performance monitoring software and hardware provider meteocontrol have today announced a partnership that will see meteocontrol?s Virtual Control Room (VCOM) monitoring system added to Solaria?s projects. The system aims to help Solaria?s customers increase their solar yields through remote management.
With meteocontrol?s VCOM system, developers and utilities will be about to tap into the remote, cloud-based operating system to monitor and manage their PV systems? performance in real-time.
Solaria, which designs, produces and sells silicon PV modules to solar system integrators, project developers, utilities and other power producers, just this week announced it now offers a new 270-Watt high-performance solar module that?s been optimized for industrial and utility-scale projects. The 1 x 1.9 meter frameless modules, now shipping, are also available in a complete integrated tracker package that combines modules, trackers and design services to optimize system performance. They are just the type of system that would benefit from a monitoring solution like the one from meteocontrol.
The partnership also fits in nicely with Solaria?s goals to improve the economics and system performance of solar installations, while also reducing the complexity of solar operations management.
Last month, meteocontrol partnered with Princeton Solar Solutions (PSS), a N.J.-based solar provider, which is now also using the VCOM system.






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